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Your Destination For

"The Finest In Seafood"

Locally Caught Fish

We source only the freshest products for our customers. Great local catches from boats landing out of New Bedford and Boston

Rhode Island Shellfish

We are a direct processor of Rhode Island Shellfish and locally grown oysters.

Premium Hand Cut Salmon

We carry a variety of oven-ready and ready-to-eat prepared foods hand crafted by our team of chefs. Perfect for a quick snack or main course compliment.

Providing the Finest in Seafood since 1978

Tony’s Seafood Wholesale division is a full line HACCP certified processing plant delivering fresh & frozen seafood to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, assisted living facilities, colleges and much more. Business owners and Chefs rely on Tony’s Seafood for the best the seafood industry has to offer, delivered to their door six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

Our in house fillet line cuts premium whole fish bought locally from auctions, boats, and individual fisherman. Our global reach also provides our customers fresh items flown in from ports all over the world. Mahi Mahi from Costa Rica, Hawaiian sword and tuna, sushi grade whole salmon from the Scottish Islands & much more. Frozen items from shrimps to squid are all trusted brands from trusted points of origin. Knowing where your seafood came from and trusting its quality is #1 important.

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