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Local Scrod Haddock Fillets

Local Scrod Haddock Fillets

Post Series: Seafood Specials

Local Scrod Haddock Fillets are on Special!

Other Great Options Available

* Local Red fish whole (1-1.5lbs each) or fillets (2-4oz)
* Maine Steamers
* Monk loins
* Large Bluefish fillets
* Halibut
* Steelhead Trout fillets
* Arctic Char

Seafood Industry Updates

Lobster Prices have dropped.
CK & CKL Lobster Meat prices dropped.
Great Pricing on Maine Steamers.
Halibut prices has fallen slightly but, expect halibut to stay high though the winter.
Peru Bay Scallops are in great supply, and make a great menu item!

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